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1. If there are service outages, they will be reported here:
2. We often announce things related to the service on our Twitter page.3. Get support here.
4. Tutorials can be found here
 Control Panel Login URL:
Control Panel Username: XXXXX
Control Panel Password: XXXXX

DNS MX RECORDS: (Priority 10) (Priority 20)
(These above are both record type "MX" and should have the name value set to either @ or blank, not a subdomain)

Even if not using our MX records, sending domains are required to have at least one MX record to send from MXroute. Otherwise you cannot receive bounce emails.

Name: @ or blank
Type: TXT
Record: "v=spf1 -all"   (注意有的域名供应商DNS不需要双引号,比如WEST.CN就不需要输入双引号DKIM:
Note that DKIM is enabled by default. Failure to configure this in your DNS may reduce inbox delivery. This is unique per domain, and we have a tutorial to help you with it here:

IMAP Server:
SMTP Server:

IMAP PORTS: 993 (SSL), 143 (non-encrypted)
SMTP PORTS: 465 (SSL), 25 (non-encrypted), 587 (STARTTLS),
POP3 PORTS: 995 (SSL), 110 (non-encrypted)
 Custom Hostname for Webmail, POP, SMTP, IMAP:


如图所示添加完DNS后等待一段时间生效,之后便可以在MXROUTE面板中设置邮箱了,设置完后用到专门的网站:DKIM, SPF, SpamAssassin Email Validator。点进去之后,你会看到界面中有个随机生成的邮箱(例如,你需要用你刚配置好的邮箱给它发一封任意内容的邮件,然后点击“View Results”,如果没有结果可能是因为邮件还在发送中,直接刷新(浏览器会问你是否重复提交表单,点击“是”)直到有结果就好了。正常的结果应该是这样的(只需要注意红框里的字):


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